Kopernik Polish Cultural Society

Obserwatorium Kopernika

Obserwatorium Kopernika

The Kopernik Polish Cultural Society of Broome County was founded in 1973 to help commemorate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Mikolaj Kopernik, a man known to the world as Copernicus - "the father of modern astronomy".  The Kopernik Society undertook construction of the Kopernik Observatory in the fall of 1973.  When the Observatory was opened to the public in June of 1974, the Kopernik Society donated the facility to the community to be operated by Roberson Museum and Science Center.  Since that time hundreds of thousands of school children and families have seen the wonders of the universe through the Observatory's large telescopes. Kopuly Obserwatorium Kopernika

The Kopernik Observatory, perched atop a 1720 foot hill in Vestal, 10 miles Southwest of Binghamton, NY, has been the best-sited and best equipped public observatory in the Northeast United States for over 25 years.The new Kopernik Space Education Center is New York State's first science laboratory facility designed for K-12 teachers, students and their families.


- 3 Observatory Telescopes
- Complete Weather Station
- Physics/Laser Lab
- 20 Acre Dark Site
- Outdoor Learning Area
-  12 Portable Telescopes
- Space Sciences Lab/Theater
- Solar Heliostat
- NASA Satellite Downlink
- Computer Imaging Lab
- Solar Prominence Scope
- Photo/Lab Darkroom
- Solar Energy Array
- Earthquake Station
- Science/Media Library

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